Truths and myths about the Dafi filter bottle

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Truths and myths about the Dafi filter bottle

Using a filter bottle is very convenient. In order to have this comfort some factors are necessary- as for example, the size, easy and safe transport of the bottle even close to electrical appliances. Few, however, realize this.

What is the Dafi filter bottle?

This product is used for improving the quality of water which we drink. That is enough to use a tap water and a filter in a bottle. Its purpose is to improve the taste of water and to purify it from impurities that have penetrated through the pipe network installations. A wide range of colorus, which is in the producer’s offer, is just one of many attractive advantages.

Facts and myths about the Dafi filter water

A bottle is made from PET material which is designed for a contact with food. But, it does not mean that the product is disposable. Only filters are exchangeable ( once per month). The Dafi producer’s goal was to limit the number of plastics waste. The carbon filter is natural because it is obtained from coconut shells. It is worth knowing that this kind of activated carbon can be found on the shelves in the pharmacy – it helps with the problems of the digestive system.

On the bottle there is a symbol of „one in a triangle” and it does not concern the number of using it, but it refers to the type of material and the method of recycling – we can give the bottle a „second life”.What is more, water in the bottle can be kept there for 12 hours since its filling. At the same time, we control how often we want to fill it again.

The claim that from a bottle to water harmful substances can penetrate is a myth. Many laboratory tests – both internal and led by the Hamilton Poland organization – confirmed that displaying the material from which the bottle is made to the sun’s rays, as well as crushing the material does not carry PET components into the water.

This, what distinguishes a Dafi filter bottle from shop bottles is, the fact that it does not contain harmful bisphenol A and phthalates.

The biggest complaint for the filter bottle

Often, the reason for uncertainty during choosing this product is if a filter does not deprives minerals of water. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are not rinsed out. The carbon filter removes the unpleasant taste of tap water, which purifiers filter with chlorine. It is open- access because the production of Dafi filtering devices takes place in 2 factories in Kielce. Thanks to this, everyone can afford to buy both a filter and a filter bottle as well as other products from the Dafi range.