Dafi pitcher – how much water to pour?

Dafi filter for Brita pitcher
Czerwiec 2, 2019
Truths and myths about the Dafi filter bottle
Truths and myths about the Dafi filter bottle
Czerwiec 12, 2019
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Dafi pitcher how much water to pour

Pitchers of the Dafi producer are known and appreciated for many years not only in the polish market- they are also very popular in the USA. The right filtering process must be preceded by the successive installation of the device – so that it functions as long as possible – and pouring the right amount of water into it.

Right filtering process

Installing cartridges in the pitcher is easy and convenient. It is enough to rinse all of the elements and next, to press the filter in a place designated for this. The top cover should be mounted at the front of the pitcher and then the part closer to the handle should be pressed. The first time the filter is used, you need to repeat the water filtering operation to vent the filter and to remove visible particles of activated carbon. Then pour the water through the appropriate hole and wait until filtered water flows into the container placed at the bottom of the pitcher. The whole process should take a few minutes.

Pouring water „under the cork”?

First of all, water for filtration should be cold because hot water may deform the pitcher.

How much water we filter depends on us. If we do not need the whole pitcher of water, do not fill it completely. Water is fresh up to 12 hours that is why it is the best to fill the pitcher several times than to get rid of water that we have not managed to drink (you can water it with plants). The capacity of Dafi pitchers is easy because they are available in the following versions: 2 liters, 2.4 liters, 3 liters and 4 liters. If we do not have too much water every day, the first two capacity options will be the best. In case if we have a big family or we lead an active life style it is worth to consider bigger pitchers. It is worth to inform not to leave water in the pitcher for a whole night. The best water to drink is fresh and clean that is why you should remember about changing filters every month.

Notification of the expiration date

Pitchers- depending on the kind- have manual indicators (knobs, which we set ourselves to remember about replacing) or electronic (blue – a new filter, yellow – a reminder of the impending replacement date, red – the day of the new filter).

The Dafi pitcher can be used by anyone. It is simple and convenient to use even for children.