Dafi filter for Brita pitcher

Dafi pitcher how much water to pour
Dafi pitcher – how much water to pour?
Czerwiec 3, 2019
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Devices used for improving tap water are becoming more and more popular. They are easy to use, light, efficient and they fulfill their function – they remove smell of chlorine, pollution and small microorganisms from tap water. Their next advantage is the ability to choose filters for any water filtering pitchers.


What are the filtering products for?


Every year the consumers’ awareness about fresh water is growing. Buying it in shops is not a bad option but we have to be conscious about costs and environment pollution made by plastic bottles. A demand for fast and an affordable way of acquiring clean water has contributed to the creation of products that enable home water purification. Tap water and a filter pitcher with an appropriate filter are enough to enjoy an access to delicious and healthy water. The active carbon contained in the filter eliminates impurities accumulated during the water flow through the pipes and deprives it of the unpleasant smell and taste that remained during the chlorination process of water in water supply networks. One of the producers with these devices in its offer is the Polish producer Dafi.


Dafi filter


Apart of the active carbon, the filter purifies water thanks to ion- exchange resin. As in the first example, water gains transparent appearance and it is deprived of chemical and organic impurities, whereas the action of the ion-exchange resin concerns the softening of water. The excess of magnesium and calcium is reduced to the necessary human values and at the same time it allows to use filtered water in household appliances, eg: iron. A precipitate forms which adversely affects the operation of heaters, washing machines and other household appliances. Water filtering has an impact on its aroma. It gains better taste and there is no need to add a lot of salt, sugar or different improvers which we have used. It should be remembered to pay attention to the origin of a given pitcher and filter – it is best to use well-tested producers such as Dafi and Brita.

Dafi filter and Brita pitcher – possible to connect?


The universality of these products allows for any mixing. In the case of Dafi, their filters are compatible with different pitchers from other producers. If we have a pitcher from Brita, but it is difficult for us to access their filters or we simply want to support a native product, we can use Dafi filters for this purpose. They fit different models of Brita pitchers, for example: Aluna, Marella, Fjord or Elemaris.